jan tourism consultancy
As a sales and marketing representation agency, we specialize in promoting destination management companies (DMCs), hotels, and tourism companies globally


JAN Tourism Consultancy is a sales and marketing agency that connects international destinations, hotels, and travel products with the Dutch and Belgian markets. They work with carefully selected affiliated tourism companies, destinations, and hotel groups that require strong sales support and presence in the region. JAN represents DMCs, destinations, hotel chains, and other tourism companies that offer tailor-made products to the B2B travel trade in both leisure and MICE sectors.

Since their establishment in January 2017, the key focus of the business has been on revitalizing the MICE & leisure travel industry. JAN constantly strives to be a market leader and has recently launched services including DMC and hotel sales and marketing representation, connecting clients directly to the BeNe market.

JAN's clients consist of DMCs and hotels to whom they offer tailor-made sales and marketing representation services. They have a team equipped to handle all types of tourism-related activities, from tourism strategy to media relations, sales, and marketing strategies across trade and consumer channels, with both B2B and B2C capabilities. JAN unlocks the Dutch and Belgian travel trade for their clients and provides travel, MICE, and tour operator sales.


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At our professional trade marketing company, we are committed to building brand awareness and implementing targeted strategies that increase passenger numbers from the Dutch and Belgian marketplace. Each of our clients receives personalized reports and a detailed market analysis, giving them an understanding of what the Dutch and Belgian travel trades and consumers require.

We pride ourselves on establishing personal relationships with the travel trade, focusing on one-to-one meetings and training sessions. We believe in absolute transparency with the travel trade and our clients to ensure that we maintain their trust at all times. In order to create a bespoke sales and marketing plan and strategy, we visit all properties and destinations.

With a potential of 19.7 million Dutch/Belgian travelers, we know that they love to travel. 

That's why we proudly present our collection of global clients, including our Destination Management companies that have been carefully selected and trusted to the highest level. 

Our clients have a proven track record of excellence in creating and delivering exciting tailor-made programs for all types of leisure, groups, meetings, incentives, and events.


We create a personalized service plan that is specifically designed to achieve your key objectives. Our focus is on delivering quality over quantity, ensuring that our clients' customers keep coming back for more.
When it comes to communicating with the BeNe Travel Trade, we are here to support you! We tailor sales and marketing strategies that align with each client's strategic positioning and specific goals, focusing on generating business leads.

Our services include arranging face-to-face client meetings for DMC visitors, organizing fam trips, lead generation and follow-up, attending industry events, creating marketing collateral, and its distribution.

Reaching your target audience in the Dutch and Belgian travel industry can be challenging. However, the potential is greater than you may think. With approximately 19.7 million Dutch/Belgian travelers who love to travel and are more ready than ever, we are here to assist you.
We have the knowledge, connections, and expertise to help you connect and understand this market, establish a healthy market share, and achieve success. 

If you are a DMC, hotel, travel company, or travel supplier looking to (re)connect with the Dutch and Belgian travel industry, send us an email today or download our brochure.