JAN Tourism Consultancy
                      Destination & Hotel sales & marketing - Incentives and events    

We are an Amsterdam based team that is focused on delivering the highest quality travel services with a global reach. 

We match your lifestyle demands with supportive, discreet solutions.


We open the doors for you to whatever you need, whenever you need. 

Our offices in Amsterdam and Dubai will assist you to design your bespoke and perfect itinerary.  We know the way to muslim friendly hotels and/or tours.

We do offer guided tours in English, Arabic. Hindi and/or Urdu.


We know how important discretion is, which is why it's one of our most respected values.  


24/7 personal contact with your own special lifestyle manager, who will be ready to provide you with a personalized service.


Never have to worry about reservations or bookings ever again.  Anything you need is only a phone call away.


We have developed a network of trustworthy, close partnerships, ready to assist you in your day-to-day life.

We have hand-picked the  accommodation ourselves, exclusive tours and expert local guides who share your interests. We offer a world of luxurious experiences and unique places in most of the European destinations.