JAN Tourism Consultancy
                      Sales & marketing company for DMC's and Hotels to connect                                                                   with the Netherlands & Belgium

Why are clients work with you?

One of the most important reasons why our clients choose for us, is because they prefer to concentrate on their core business, while others feel that they do not have the  international knowledge or expertise. Other clients simply do not have the financial resources or the time to open offices overseas and yet they do want a sales and marketing effort in overseas markets.

Are we difficult to work with us?

No way! We believe in honesty, transparency and straight forwardness.  We work with small direct lines, one contact. We need of course your support, especially in the beginning  but with our long experience we adapt very easily in different management structures en cultures. 

How are we compensated?

Each partnership is different. Our agreement is suited to your needs and possibilities. However in general our compensation includes a retainer (monthly fee) and commission. The commission is based on the revenue. We believe we share the success and the risk!

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