JAN Tourism Consultancy
                      Sales & marketing company for DMC's and Hotels to connect                                                                   with the Netherlands & Belgium


We are as passionate about your product as you. 

Our process starts with first you educating us about the product and then we bridge the gap and fine tune the offerings for the market. This ensures us that we are able to answer all the questions in real time without any loss of time and your team is educated about the expectations so that there is no wrong exceptions from both sides. 

Today with the contacts and the know how that we have acquired we can successfully help you get your market share in your desired market. If this is what you want then drop in a line or send us a message. We will walk you through what you need to do to succeed and help you build the brand here there by bridging the gap between you and the upmarket travelers from this region.

We start by creating a brand awareness for your product in the region by e-mailers. This is followed by calling and identification of the right agents for you. Post this we visit the agents and activate your brand. 

There are usually a mix of calls and physical sales calls. 

Customized Solutions

We create customized solutions which are tailored to your brand. These are best done when you have a clear vision for what you wish to achieve from your chosen market. It is as good as having your office in the region minus the costs that come with setting up a new company.

Product Distribution

The European Travel Trade market is crowed with many suppliers and the key to success is to stand out the crowd. Create trust and continuous high level of high service and flexibility. 


A major part of what we do is generating sales queries for you if you are a DMC or a Hotel. As far as possible we collaborate in real time and keep you in the copy of all communications, thereby eliminating a large need for reports and offer full transparency. 

Simple Successful Strategy

Build your client brand, connect them to the right audiences, Convert the audience to become your re sellers and generate profits. 

Price tag

Most of the reactions I receive from DMC's and hotels are today they are not ready to pay for local representation. The questions we always ask is what are you expectations from your representation company and what as per you is a threshold price that you are willing to pay to get the Business from GCC Markets or Europe. 

Keep the following into consideration:

  • You want a dedicated Senior Sales resource to drive your brand name accross the Region?
  • Your frequency of sales trips or fair visits can come to at least 25% which means that you have  saving here on travel/visit costs. 
  • You get the benefit of weekly visits to the key agents you want to get business from?
  • You get the benefit of working with a team which has a proven track record when it comes to building brands and setting up and achieving sales funnels that actually convert.
  • You get relevant market intelligence in real time for your products so that you can tweak your offerings and overnight be back in the game.
  • You get direct one to one access to the Management of the prospective companies you want business from. 

Last but not least

We always have many discussions with worldwide DMC's, Boutique hotels, Tourism boards, attractions on representing them there in the Western/Northern European markets. 

A common feedback we receive is:

  • Deliver ability
  • The costs involved of doing business here.

We believe that you want a representation company to close more business for you. In our experience you need by default to have a policy where you hire a Rep company who has the best connections and has the eager to be successful and deliver as expected. 

The costs? They will pay themselves back in time.

This is the key reasons for (y)our success.